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The Birth of an Obsession (And A Website)

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

For nearly 7 years, I was a waitress and FOH Manager of a little local restaurant. A restaurant that was always packed, and fortunately allowed me to provide for myself and my teenage daughter. Then one day in March, out of the blue, I lost that job. So I started looking for a new way to support my family. Wait, wait, wait. Let me back up.

First there was the initial "OHHH MY GOD WERE GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH!" moment, which directly coincided with the "HOW DO I EVEN LOOK FOR A JOB DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC!" moment. I had no job. Not one red cent of income on the horizon. Nobody around me was hiring, and the Powers That Be were telling us to stay inside our houses, lest we catch the 'Rona.

Cue a third "WTF AM I GOING TO DO" meltdown.

THEN, I started looking for a new way to support my family.

I knew I needed to find a way to save money on the things I would still need to buy, and I DEFINITELY didn't mind if I could grab a few extra dollars here and there. When I started looking, what I found was an enthusiasm for searching for new ways to save and stacking methods so that I got the absolute most out of every dollar. My first notable success was the day I realized my daughter had a hole in her shoes. You know, the only ones she liked to wear...not the 5 other brand new pair that had been in her closet for over a year. Obviously, those were no good. (Trust me, this is NOT the last you guys are gonna hear about those shoes.) So, I got to work and tested out the things I had learned. And it worked. I bought her an ACTUAL pair of Converse from the ACTUAL Converse site...for 21 bucks. I. Was. Thrilled. 

I was also OBSESSED. So I put in applications wherever I could, went home, and started chasing this new obsession to every blog and website I could find. Pretty soon I realized there were A LOT of people with that same enthusiasm, and A LOT more knowledge, and that saving is so much easier when we do it together.  I was astounded by the seemingly infinite approaches to saving, earning, and investing.

I just couldn't believe that I had been completely unaware for so long that I was spending so much more of my money than I had to. Money that could now help pay the bills that were falling further and further behind. That brings us to today, and where you guys come in. I'm not going to try and sell you on the next new fad. I just want to share what I've found. I know some of you will already have the same knowledge I do about the things I'll talk about on this site. I'm actually hoping some of you know more, because I'm always down to learn. But I also know that some folks out there will be just as excited was to learn about these things as I was....and that's ultimately why I started The Link Share Project, so all of us could have a place to come together with the end goal of helping one another. Because whether we're using our money to feed our families, to buy that last minute gift, or to find a new way to invest, we all deserve to get the most out of every cent. -Tiffany

P.S. I may have promised not to try and sell you on the newest fad, but I never promised not to tell you about my Mercari or my online store, Tiny Little Obsessions! Hey, I gotta show you what I've been doing in my "OMG Tiffany's not on the internet" and "Oh S%&t, I have to pay rent" time.

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