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My New Favorite Online Banks

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

There's no denying that there are a TON of online banks out there vying for your business. Most of them offer great incentives for joining, awesome referral programs to try and build their ever-expanding customer base, and different perks to bring in folks interested in something a little different from the tried and true interest-bearing accounts.

Here are two of my favorites, in no particular order. I have had each of these accounts for a couple of months, and the customer service has held up. They wouldn't be my faves if it hadn't. Keep in mind this is all just my opinion and based on personal experience and the things I dig. I definitely don't know EVERYTHING there is to know about these banks/apps, but I know what I like about them and wanted to share. If something I share my opinion about sparks your interest, you'll want to do your homework to make sure it suits you.


If you're looking for a customer service oriented bank that is set on helping you get the financial portfolio you need and deserve, Stash is there. Checking, Savings, investing, retirement, the list goes on and on.

But my favorite thing about Stash is their Stock-Back® Program. It’s a program that’s very similar to a cash back program-except you’re earning stock rewards, rather than cash. Yes, you read that right! They give you fractional shares of stock for everywhere you swipe your Stash debit card! Bought some milk at Wal-Mart? They give you Wal-Mart Stock. McDonald's craving? Go grab a cheeseburger and wa-laa, you have Mcdonald's stock now too. Shopping at a Mom and Pop that doesn't trade on the market? That's ok, your Stock-Back reward will be from a Stash-approved ETF. It goes right into your Stash Invest account! Just remember, stocks aren’t risk-free investments. Your stock can lose value, just like it can gain it.

Oh, and if you decide to open an account and use a referral link from an existing customer, you know, like me, they'll give you $20 to invest. Plus, they'll throw me some cash too! So here ya go, click right here and start building your Stash!


When I was first thinking about signing up for an Aspiration account, I was initially impressed by their Plant Your Change option. As in, they round up your purchase and literally use your change to plant frickin trees. I love knowing that my change helps to reforest and save the planet. I mean, I can't move to Mars. I heard the job market for waitresses absolutely sucks there.

Aspirations motto is "Do Well. Do Good." and more and more people are choosing them...Here's why:

You can get cash back rewards on debit card purchases (extra cash back for spending at businesses with a conscience) and you only pay what you think is fair, even if it's zero. To top it off, with the variety of different programs they offer, you get to help save the planet... because they don't stop with planting trees.

They also guarantee that your deposits are never used to fund fossil fuel projects like pipelines and oil drilling, and Aspiration’s Planet Protection™ feature tallies up the carbon output of all of your gas purchases, then automatically buys offsets to help counter the climate impact.

Additionally, if you're the type that likes to support charitable causes, they make it easy to donate through your Aspiration account. And if this is right up your alley, you'll probably also love knowing that they donate a whopping 10% of the company’s earnings to charitable activities.

If Aspiration sounds like the bank you've been waiting for, head on over and check them out. If you decide you want to save the planet while spending that hard-earned cash, use my link to sign up and we'll both get $50, 25 trees planted PLUS a chance to win prizes every week! Just click my invite link to sign up!

Obligatory PSA:

While I hope that my new found love for the things I choose to share is exactly what you all have been looking for, remember that I'm not a paid affiliate for any of them. Like I said (and will say a million more times because the internet has firmly cemented a healthy fear of lawsuits into my soul) this entire site is only based on my opinion and what works for me. I like to share things that I think are awesome, just for the sake of spreading awesomeness. So, for the love of God, don't mistake me for a financial advisor. I'm nowhere near as smart as those folks when it comes to actual advice.

However, if you need instruction or professional advice regarding how to be a top-notch waitress with a smart mouth, I'm your girl.

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